Winning Cleanly

Well the Canadian boys did what was expected of them and won a clean game against a much weaker opponent. It always scares me when they have to play a full 60 against such a team as I believe they get a bit ‘off’ their game. Lets hope that doesn’t happen to this team. Germany should clean their game up a bit and the trial against the Fins on Friday should trim them down into perfecting their talents and bringing it altogether before their entrance into the quarterfinals in the new year. Notably on the scoreboard was a young Connor Bedard who led the team with 4 goals becoming the youngest Canadian player ever to achieve such a feat.

Connor Bedard of Canada in action in the first period against Russia...  News Photo - Getty Images
Bedard leads Canada to 11-2 win over Austria

Let’s keep watching and cheering on our boys up in Edmonton as they pursue their dreams of winning gold for Canada. What are your thoughts on how Canada is fairing out on the ice? Do you think we’ll be celebrating Gold? A lot of pressure is on their shoulders. Hockey is OUR game, afterall!

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