Sometimes our deepest wounds come back to haunt

break open scars that once were healed

minds and hearts turned inside out

where once was sturdy, now is hurt

The pain inside begins to grow and we question our own worth

as if our being was founded on lies instead of truth

and achievements become hollow as we negate their respect

suddenly in solitude, we begin to fathom regret

The recent past of pleasure escapes the darkened tunnels of our souls

our returning friend of failure comes to threaten our own growth

then, as we finally fall, the depth of deceit drowns out our wisdom

knees upon the floor, darkness overhead, we die within our kingdom

When suddenly, a spark ensues, ignites the synapses of control

we lift our heads and break a smile, resilience resets our roles

the fight within to step back up, with pounding in our hearts

this isn’t our first time down and climbing our way out