all these aching feelings are trouble within my soul

they’re inconvenient and fail to make me whole

if they were understood instead of foreign woes

i think i’d celebrate and make peace out of these foes

but how does one go about and manage all this sin

when what lies beneath my ugly heart brings chaos deep within

once innocence lay high above, now darkness seems to win

when i peer deep inside myself, i sputter and i spin

if somehow i could reconcile the darkness with the light

somehow reach above what’s wrong and recognize what’s right

i’m drawn towards an apparition that longs to holds me tight

but it’s dark and cold and sinister; it keeps me from the fight

i know the truth lies within as the mist surrounds my being

and i’m not sure i can believe exactly what i’m seeing

the shadows begin to dim; a single light is beaming

is that the truth i seek inside, this fire within me gleaming

i take a chance, reach out my hand; it’s shaky, thin, translucent

sadness envelopes the scene; as i get closer to this fluence

the energy begins to grow, through my fingers in their truance

i will not forbid them from connecting with this power

and once they’ve finally passed on through, the sparks begin to shower

lighting up the surrounding scenes with brightness that makes me cower

i advert my eyes before they start to see spots that last for hours

as the bright light shines and gives me strength, i rise up from my knee

the emotions that were once so black are hidden by a noble tree

its branches sway within the blast that has forged a bright blue sea

and the chaotic mess i once was in has commenced to set me free