Down Under

Recorded at the Ocean

waves roll in and back against each other

turbulence stirs inside me once again

possibly this isn’t such a bad thing as i sway

within the deepest swells so far down inside

perhaps this inner darkness allows me to break free

superstitions gather round and pull me down

i push back up for air; a fight for freedom

sucked back down below; it’s like a dance

with heaviness fighting through i take a chance

and dive down deeper to the current,

It draws me back

and up again to take the quickest breath

i might learn from this chaos that contains me

it’s clashing tones enveloping me with their song

and i just wonder, where did i go wrong

before it has the majesty to pull me down again

i break free from its fastidious fold

and ride the ripples to the shore

my skin all torn and shriveled at the core

escapes the mental breakdown i once wore

i drift back to the shells upon the water’s edge

toes soft upon the sand creating tracks

leaving footprints, a path to follow back

this pattern will surround me once again

as my existence softly craves, the assault and the attack