Passions and Gratitude

Today, I want to talk a bit about our passions and gratitude. Understanding and finding our passions, the things we love to do, gives us part of the road map we need to follow our dreams and be grateful for what we have. Some of you may not even be able to think of the things you really love to do because of the darkness that surrounds you. I challenge you to look into the abyss before you, that is waiting to suck you in, and smile. If you can, allow yourself to fall into it. Remember, you are making that decision; it isn’t sucking you in. As you descend, pay attention to the experiences and situations that envelope you. Some will be dark, but others will be light. You can investigate them all, practicing non-judgment and curiosity; what’s really there?

In my descent, I see music (sometimes of the dark flavour), my writing (also surrounded by darkness) and my need for life-long learning. These are some of the passions I have. They reflect all of me—the light and the dark, and can be used in all situations and to enhance every experience. Our passions go where we go. They follow us into the abyss and continue to follow us out. Grab a hold of them. Write them down. And dwell within them. My passions have helped me escape depression and set me back upright. Yours can too! Just hold on to them and remember, they are always there.

Gratitude can lift you up. I am practicing being grateful for the darkness because it shows me where there is light and then I am grateful for that glorious, rich brilliance. I’m grateful for all the baggage I carry, for if it didn’t weigh me down, I would not understand the relief when it’s gone. I’m grateful for all my past mistakes because without them, I would not have learned. And I practice gratitude towards the past trauma, because without it, I would not be the person I am today and I’m really beginning to like who I’m becoming. 

Death does not have a stranglehold on me because there is so much I am grateful for. Fear is dissipating because I’m giving it space, time and encouragement to show me where it comes from. I’m paying attention to my gifts, my passions and my values and I am restoring my SELF to its natural peace and tranquillity. Its innocence, its fragility and its gifts. 

SELF is where I hang my hat. It can be trusted and is strong with an open heart for compassion and vulnerability. It is guiding me through this continuous journey of thoughts, depression and joy. Everything I am exposed to can be welcomed by my SELF and allowed to have its own experience. When I’m this close to my SELF, nothing can break me. I am strong, confident and free! I am ME!


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