Poetry–Mindful Music

As the music ebbs and flows; a song of sadness begins to grow,

but like the clouds up in the sky, you can watch as it floats by.

Non-judgemental, patient, kind, a gentle soothing in your mind.

Just stand back, take in the show as you breathe then let it go.

As the timbre twists its tones and anger becomes your home,

watch the violence of the waves, crash careless against your caves;

and deep within your soul, breathe in and let it roll

as it’s just another scene that you watch up on a screen.

The tempo, now, has changed, within fear you are encaged

and as the music jumps and starts, there’s pounding in your heart;

now’s the time to take a break and sit down with this quake;

breathe in and slowly out; feel calming come about.

Whatever pain you’re in, it’s okay, it’s just a feeling.

If you breathe within the dark; you may see a little spark, 

just wait and watch it drift as the angst inside you shifts

and as the music softly ends, you must do it all again.