Thank You

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for “liking” my blogging page. I don’t get a lot of feedback but what I do get makes it worth writing. I want you to know that it is as therapeutic for me as it seems to be for some of you. Thanks for your Personal Messages and likes to tell me so. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’m trying to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In between, I often leave a poem here and there for you to listen to or read. I am truly enthralled to be able to participate in life this way and I am blessed to have so many friends and family to share it with. So, once again, Thank you!

Shame vs. Guilt

Just a quick word on the difference between Shame and Guilt. I like Brene Brown’s (a renowned researcher, speaker and author) explanation on this: “Guilt is ‘I did something bad‘”; “Shame is ‘I am bad‘”. You can get rid of guilt by righting your wrongful actions or asking for forgiveness. But shame is deep seeded. It is captured at your core and much more difficult to get out from under. Shame is usually put upon you from others–likely at a very young age. The ideal to be perfect builds shame inside us. I think failure in anything can build shame. But this shame comes about from our thoughts about ourselves. All the work we have done on positive affirmations and being kind to yourself can help eliminate shame, I believe.

Vulnerability & Courage

According to Brene Brown, the more one shows vulnerability, the greater the courage. She believes that courage is built on vulnerability and that this is the one way we can experience pure joy and happiness. Here is a Ted Talk by Brene Brown. I hope you enjoy her as a speaker. She is humorous while conveying an important and serious message…

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