Wise Mind

When you’re hurting and you need some time to heal

from the inside of your being, you must steal

When your feelings are all tied up in knots

It takes some sorting of your utmost inner thoughts

To take a moment and allow yourself to feel

And whatever that might be, it is ok, it must be real

Just what you’re seeing down inside your soul

Just let it be; allow sensations to unfold

Don’t keep them hidden from the world or where you’ve been

Stand back and watch them like a movie on a screen

Let them surface until their violence makes you whole

And keep on breathing; they will come under control

All your worries, you can set them all aside

Leave in a suitcase that you’ll later on untie

But in this moment you must move on with your mind

And watch the present and all the beauty you can find

You are moving in the here, within the show

matching moments as they come and as they flow

Making footprints you can leave behind today

Because tomorrow, your spirit will have its say

Behind the whispers of the thoughts that you’ve reined in

Within the essence of the feelings deep within

You’ve come full circle to behave with a wise mind

That now supports you and to yourself you must be kind