Letting Go

The sounds are so deafening

as our perceptions wear thin

by indecision, worry, deceit

tormenting play time with pure defeat

What we’ve given in to;

what we’ve allowed to seep through,

To let go of everything we have let in

where do we go to even begin?

When we feel negatives controlling our lives,

we need to acknowledge them then say good-bye

Sit with them allow them to be,

and soak it up to break ourselves free

Not to be beaten, but to be steady

Live on the edge; always be ready

The tiniest thought could send us away

to a place with no light even during the day

Then it’s not about sitting and feeling your pain,

it’s about learning to rise up again

A piece of the puzzle falls to the ground;

it feels so heavy, but barely makes sound

Getting the nerve to gather back up

all the lost pieces that make life so tough

When in reality, we do to ourselves

What nobody else would; into darkness we delve

And enough of the radical, insecure thoughts;

enough of the tallies where we have been bought

Rest into happiness at the end of the day

if you can let yourself engage in play

Gather the worry, the shame and the lies

that disturb the senses in the back of your mind

Put them away, out of your sight

and raise yourself up into the light

You know they’re there at the end of the day

and you’ll need to deal with them in your own way

That is the power you have over thoughts;

they’ll leave you spinning if you get caught,

but you have the gifts to take them all down

one at a time until they all drown

Coming to terms with who you are

See where you’ve been;  you’ve come so far

Relish the moments you’ve been able to win;

tumble enlightened; turn up your grin

Defeating the darkness from deep inside;

you’ve got the courage to master your mind