Situational Nightmares

It’s 4:00 am and I’m sitting in a dive motel. Although, the room seems clean enough and the bed is comfortable to watch t.v. in–at least it has a goggle box! Understanding that will reveal your age or lack thereof. Back to the Motel…it’s on Airport Road in Toronto–or Mississauga, if you want to get technical–and I had to make a U-turn through three lanes of traffic to get to the immediate entrance which I missed my first time around because the sign for it is on one of those mini-mall light-up posts. I kid you not, it’s in a mini mall. The hotel entrance is shared with three other businesses–all rental car agencies–and there is one line-up for all four. I feel like I’m in a northern hick town. Albeit has a Subway restaurant  right next door!

What a shit show! At the airport now, sitting at my gate. Two hours before we board. Glad to see that Hotel experience in the rear view mirror. Of course, I have to get back there to pick up my Jeep when I get home, but will worry about that when the time comes. Security and Customs were a breeze! Then again, I only had cigarettes to declare and they didn’t check. There are a few other people here already as well and more slowly descend. Do you know where I’m going? Flying into Tampa where good friends will meet me and then a 1 hr drive to Mulberry in Polk County–where the sherriff is top notch, apparently. Hopefully, I don’t have to find out!

So, the title of this Blog? Situational Nightmares. Made that up, by the way; at least, I think I did! Apart from the Hotel being a nasty experience, I had travel nightmares: I didn’t hear my alarm go off so I woke up late. Then I had all this stuff with me that had to go back into my Jeep before I could leave. There were a bunch of people helping me get organized but the time was drifting away and my belongings just kept piling up. Couldn’t figure out how I had accumulated so much and why I would bring it up to my room with me. Then my Jeep got wrecked and we couldn’t fit anymore into it. The front was at the back and the back was at the front. Couldn’t get the rear gate shut. Yet, more and more stuff needed to go in. Eventually, I gave up and told my friends to finish up as I was going to the airport. Then, of course, the Shuttle took forever to come. I was going to be late for my flight. Suddenly, I woke up. It was 3 a.m. and this Blog begins shortly after.

So, here I am, on the plane. One hour in. We left a half hour late so will see if we make up any time. Supposed to land at 1:03 pm.. It has been an uneventful ride so far. I am grateful that the only open seat on the plane is beside me. Got lucky, I guess. Elbow room. Watched as we flew over what I think was lake Erie, but could have been Ontario. We were West of Virginia when I last checked. Looks as if we’re directly over Charlotte right this moment…says about an hour to go, but that can’t be right as we just left an hour ago and flight is nearly 3 hours. I guess we will see. I so love flying–especially taking off. Like landing as well, but taking off gives me an amazing feeling inside. Can’t control the tummy flutters. Makes the whole trip worthwhile. Didn’t have any situational nightmares about the flight, just making it to the flight.

We arrived at 1:03 on the dot and I’ve been here for 5 days now. I’ve seen alligators, geckos and a dozen different types of birds. Went to Winterhaven and danced up a storm. Hopefully looking for my own place on Tuesday–not to stay this year—for future years. Absolutely love it here and we’re only an hour from Tampa and the beach. Actually going to John’s Pass on Wednesday. But before we do that, we’re moving to my friends’ new place. The days are filled with sun, fun and shenanigans! It’s an active 55+ community with shuffleboard, bocce, golf and a dozen other things to do. Amazing people and having the time of my life!

peace balance empathy

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