The Stuff We are Made of…

Because I can’t think of any better title. It’s all just stuff! It fills our minds and reaches into our souls. But how many minds and souls believe in the same things? Should we get together? Communicate? What if our ideas could become realities? If we just reached out to others, would there be too much conflict to rumble with or would we actually listen to each other, believe in each other and hold each other accountable? What would happen if the world did this? How many brave souls are out there? Not the politicians. Not the bureaucracy of organized religion. At least, I don’t think so.

Where do we gather with other independent thinkers and feelers? What would be the cost? It’s always a trade off, isn’t it? What would we lose? Our dignity? Our pride? Our individuality? I think we can hold on to all three and survive. If those of us who gather can be open-minded, kind and thoughtful, shouldn’t we be able to accompany our differences, celebrate them even? 

I’m thinking of us as individuals who, ourselves, have amalgamated our own thoughts, feelings and actions. Not an easy task, believe me, I know, but possible, isn’t it? And if we’re all busy reuniting with the differences within us, won’t we become open to the differences of others? If we can embrace and nurture ourselves in our entirety, can’t we begin to heal, accept and care for those around us? If we have our individual needs met, won’t we naturally acknowledge and satisfy the needs of others?

Like-minded in our values while being ourselves gives us space for our individuality. We don’t have to all be the same; in fact, I don’t think that would even be a good thing. Celebrating our differences while acknowledging our similarities is to sustain our values while moving forward with each other instead of drifting apart. If I respect and value you, will you not respect and value me? 

But it all begins with respecting and valuing the differences within ourSELVES, I believe. We have to put our own individual differences in order and by that, I mean, accepting and nurturing the different parts that gather within us. The judgmental, emotional, thinking, sacrificial parts that are evolving inside us as individuals. This is where I am in my personal journey towards becoming mySELF. And this is where I’m at in truly knowing others. A journey full of surprise, intention and acceptance. Be okay with who you are becoming and allow yourself to do it!

peace balance empathy

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