I’m a life away from knowing who I truly am

It is something that I’m seeking, that I try to understand

A moment in reality can not be defined

But chasing after serenity establishes peace of mind

And from under the obscurity that envelopes my soul

I can dig out notability to set myself aglow

Feasting on the fire inside some things now are clear

While part of me just wants to hide, another piece appears

Acceptance comes with worthiness; doubt entrapped by shame

Weaving through the wilderness; compassion pumped by pain

I seek to find some solace within by beaten heart

A place for love and tenderness as I slowly fall apart

Out of fear comes courage to step outside my shell

With a tiny spark of leverage that pulls me from this hell

I can sit with all these feelings spurting from within

As they strip what I’ve been keeping locked inside as sin

I can relish in the freedom, relieve a sigh of doubt

And overturn the kingdom that I’ve built myself about

I’m feeling more connection than I’ve ever felt before

Through thoughts and true reflection, my mind begins to soar

As I gasp within the cleanliness amidst my muddied being

Push up through the messiness and soak up what I’m seeing

My nakedness is scarred and strained, but I’m full, alert and feeling 

This is how I can sustain a significant state of healing