I’m weary with the worry that sustains this maddenned mood

to dive deep down to my perfection that tells me that I should

master all these moments into memories i can inspire

and integrate existence within the fire that does transpire

To formulate a melody upon this panicked page

to build a bright and brilliant masterpiece reflecting all my days

set inside the worry my mind musters up inside;

dangling dreams are hidden or maybe they’re disguised

And moments turn to memories as time just ticks away

taking with it solace from a sunken soul that sways

amidst a burning desire to be better than before

but weary from its travels as it seldom seals the score

So the mindful music is dejected by its appetite

words wobble violently; the white is pure delight

it’s the invisible ink inside me that struggles to break free

but the countless times before this have only hardened me

to resent the powerful message that this passage tries to send

to accept all of the failures as a rich and powerful friend

so take the past, upturn it, reach deep inside my soul

as I’m weary from the standards that contrive to make me whole