Those Boys

The game last night had us on the edge of our seats. Were they really going to lose? How could they be down by two goals? This wasn’t the team we were expecting! But there it was, a score of 3-1 for Czechia. Well, they were soon to get our hearts pumping again with two quick power play goals on a 5 on 3 to tie the game up. But we still wondered, could they finish 5 on 5? And where was the defence on this team as the Czechias came out and scored three times on 6 shots! But they held their own and potted two more goals to complete the game and finish with a win of 5-3. Good old Canadian World Junior spirit won out in the end but do we still have questions? I know I do. How will Canada’s defensive side match up against some of the higher offensive teams they will face? Tuesday’s game should be a walk in the park, but will it be? We will have to watch and see! Scoring for Canada was Mason McTavish-1, Owen Power-4 and Olen Zellweger-1.

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