2022 World Jrs


World Juniors odds 2022

According to sportingnews.com

CountryOdds to win gold
United States+379
Czech Republic+2391

As you can see, Canada is favoured to win gold at the U20 tournament being held in Edmonton and Red Deer this year. But what are the daggers and the brilliance that could change all this? Teen spirit is number one on my list. Any player at this age could make or break a team especially when placed between the pipes. I’ve watched goalies steal games, robbing high end offensive teams of medals, or, at least, the illusive one–gold. Teen spirit turned into rage is often the second make or break of a team. Time spent in the penalty box because of retaliation or aggressive behaviour has been detrimental to teams in the past. Finally, watching the underdog shine as spirit turns determined goes into action. An example of this is Jordan Eberle (one of my favourite players, of course) in the 2009 World Juniors competition, who stole the hearts of Canadians everywhere with his teen spirit and dedicated play. Who will make or break this years tournament? Do some research and let me know,. I’m always ready for a good discussion on rising talent as it shines during World Junior Hockey.

The tournament begins tomorrow and finishes on January 5th. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the games, especially Team Canada, as it tries to win its 19th gold medal, leading all countries since it began in 1977–I was 15 years old! That makes me…?

Enjoy the games! Leave your thoughts here and I’ll try and keep up with you!

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