Covid Kills Hockey

I’ve been waiting to write this post until I calmed down. I was so angry that we had once again allowed Covid to take away something that touched so many lives for the better. I have to wonder when we’re going to stop letting the fear of this thing take away quality of life. Is it just going to “go away” one day so we can get back to the things that matter in our lives? When will “quality” out-weigh “quantity”? Is this just another disease that is going to take lives or is it actually going to disappear? So many questions that can’t be answered. Responses to covid that make no sense at all. Confusion and fear that attack our mental health and leave us without control over our own lives. This “disease” has taken so much from us–being with loved ones dying in nursing homes and hospitals, gathering with friends and family for celebrations of life and occasions of death, the social interactions that we, as humans, need and crave. Meanwhile, we continue to die slowly. Time is moving forward but life is not. Can we really just wait for life to catch up? How do we, as individuals, face the current situation and deal with it without destroying ourselves and the relationships with the people we love?

One thought on “Covid Kills Hockey

  1. Well said Jaidan — In answer to your final question – the ONLY way we will regain our lives is to stand up to the tyranny of the life we’re being forced to live during these times. So much has been taken with no end in sight for a better time. The goal posts just keep getting moved further back – the more we allow the world to dictate, the further into it we get. If we take some time to look at the WHOLE picture, not just the tidbits, you will see the truth – which will allow us to make the right decision to change the course. I am not a person that will comply without questioning the reasons – why, when, how, what? The answers to those 4 words have worked my entire adult life, especially in these times. One of my favourite pastimes, especially this time of year, is to watch the Juniors IHHF Hockey (which of course has sadly now been cancelled), followed by the Women’s Hockey. Next is the Winter Olympics. We only need to stand up and say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”


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