Prelude to Self Esteem

I just want you to know that I worked and continue to work through my mental health struggles with several mental health professionals. I do not do it alone! There are exercises and books I read on my own, but I always have help if I need it. Working through some of the exercises can be triggering and can bring up unwanted feelings of self-doubt. Sometimes these feelings can be debilitating and I get knocked down pretty hard. Please remember that help is out there and reach out! Nobody expects that you do this alone, in fact, I strongly urge you not to. I’m not talking about sprinkling a little bit of sugar over feelings so they will go away; I’m talking about deep down heavy work; it can disrupt your life and you need someone to share with.

As I begin to talk about self-esteem, I just want to make sure you are getting the help you need with this often threatening subject. You may be tempted to blow off this warning but I certainly don’t support that. This is a guide. My journey has been long and hard and I continue to struggle at times. I need my support network. I have friends whom I share with, I have a therapist, a social worker and a psychiatrist. Over the years, I have been hospitalized, medicated and have worked through some grueling in-patient programs. I’m not saying you will need to do all this, but you might, and I want you to be supported all the way through. Remember, we are talking about your life here and if you are thinking of changing it, please do so with a good support network.

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